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SBIR Road Tour: Session 1: Preparing Your Elevator Pitch & Developing a Quad Chart

Tue 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Facilitated by Conference Location
Topic: Managing a Business

Session 1: Quad Chart and Elevator Pitch Templates - At the Road Tour, entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet face-to-face with SBIR/STTR program managers. During these one-on-one sessions, you can share your research and business ideas and receive feedback about the “fit” your idea may have at various agencies. Being able to present your ideas clearly and succinctly is critical, given the short amount of time you will have for each meeting. At the Wyoming stop of the SBIR Road Tour, entrepreneurs meeting one-on-one with SBIR/STTR program managers are encouraged to have a “Quad Chart” ready. The Quad Chart is a concise way to share information about your project and your team/credibility. It allows the program manager to quickly understand your company and innovation and it is your opportunity to make a good impression with a potential funding agency. This direct agency-level feedback is valuable for developing competitive proposals. It may also be useful to have a brief (two-sentence) introductory “elevator pitch” prepared for the meeting. Join this Webinar to learn how to get ready to take full advantage of this rare opportunity to meet with federal SBIR/STTR program managers in Wyoming. Homework is assigned in this workshop. The results of the homework will be discussed and critiqued during the second session of this series—Quad Chart and Elevator Pitch Reviews.

Speaker(s): Presenter Mark Henry of Grow Emerging Companies LLC specializes in coaching participants on the preparation of a two-sentence elevator pitch, and he has been helping Road Tour participants prepare for their one-on-one meetings for more than a decade.

Fee: No Cost